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Timberman, the devilishly addictive retro-style arcade video game goes 3D and beyond. It’s now available in VR! Take a deep dive into a game that is easy to learn but not-so-easy to master. Discover whole heaps of fun in a brand new type of reality - a virtual reality!

Timberman VR is addictive, retro-style arcade video game in a virtual reality.
Grab an axe, chop trees, beat records !

Key Features:
- easy to learn, hard to master
- buy and use different items
axes and machetes (basic, Stone age axe, tomahawk, futuristic, viking, cand)
hammers (meat hammer, shark, thor)
- different landscapes (from snowy winter till autumn full of mushrooms)
- local and global leaderboard
- achievements system
- tons of fun
- single player campaign



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PlayWay S.A.



The press says

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  • 17 Aug,2022
    2D games that get a 3D conversion are often worthwhile, and especially when this conversion is immediately VR compatible it brings us some extra fun to the challenges.
    Nabukodonosorsan / Steam Community
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Timberman VR