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**Big Indie Pitch GIC 2017 Winner!**

It’s time for Runventure! New way to play platform game with ONE FINGER.

JUMP in to the action and EXPLORE mysterious lands in search of TREASURES. Avoid the DANGER, RUN through various locations. JUNGLES, TEMPLES, CASTLES and many other places loaded with deadly traps and hordes of enemies. Use your reflexes to jump over hot lava, or rope swing over piranha pools escape the deadly skeletons and hungry wolves.

Runventure is unique, beautifully designed mobile platformer. The first mobile platformer fully controlled with just one finger - thanks to completely new run-jumping-bar control!

Build the team of experienced exploreres, level them up, complete challenges and unlock precious treasures. Now it’s time for adventure, it’s time for Runventure!

- Mobile platformer redesigned - fully controlled with just one finger
- Beautiful, clear art design by creators of Timberman
- Tons of characters to unlock and level up
- Great levels, obstacles and enemies to beat
- Fully supported on iPhone X

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Digital Melody Games


Digital Melody Games


iOS (March 15th 2018), Android (March 15th 2018), Nintendo Switch

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  • 03 Sep,2017
    'Runventure' is a Clever One-Thumb Platformer from the Makers of 'Timberman' we Played at PAX West
    Touch Arcade
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  • 10 Oct,2017
    Digital Melody's Runventure runs to victory at the Big Indie Pitch at GIC in Poland 2017
    Pocket Gamer
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  • 26 Apr,2018
    "Great graphics and fantastic atmosphere, Runventure is funny and achieve a high score on many aspects. We urge you to try it!"
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  • 03 Apr,2018
    "Runventure is an app that will test your thumb’s endurance. The simple control schemes makes things a lot more accessible, but it requires a while to master. "
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