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Jewel Tycoon - Dig & Build

Sell created pieces at your shop to earn a fortune and expand to become real jewellery *boss*. Manage and customize you storefront to maximize profits and outperform the competition.

- 1000’s of unique jewellery to be crafted
- Various mine levels, each with different resources
- Entire production process – from digging to selling custom creations
- Shop manager aspects to maximize your gains

Welcome to the world of jewellery crafting. Start deep underground and go through the entire crafting process to finally sell custom made jewellery to you clients. Combine your creativity with strategy skills in this complete jewellery crafting game. It’s not easy to run a shop, and even harder – to build you luxury empire from the (under)ground up. However, if you’re up for the challenge, a glamourous world of splendor awaits! Test your creativity and skills against the competition and emerge victorious as a queen/king of luxury. Your grandpa retired and his old store is in ruin. Take over, and restore it to its former glory.

MINE AND DISCOVER! Start your adventure deep in the mine to dig up gems and pieces of jewellery. As you level up the store you’ll unlock deeper levels. There you can find and discover better gems for your jewelry. Levels to dig up include: Dinosaur fossils, Ice, Rocks, Water, and coming soon: Lava, Sand, Toxic. Jewelry fashion starts with adventure, so put on your helmet and dive deep into the mines. Great tresures await you there, leave no gem unturned!

CRAFT IN LABORATORY! After you’re done with mining, you’ll enter the Laboratory, to craft jewelry. Assemble pieces of gems you’ve found in mine by matching them in a 2D Tangram Puzzle minigame. After matching all the pieces, combine everything to craft stunning jewelry, that will leave your clients bejeweled. You can craft fully custom jewelry to discover your creativity and passion for fashion. Create jewelry you and your clients will like to sell in the store. It’s a gems game!

MANAGE YOUR SHOP! When you’re done crafting, it’s time to sell. Take on the role of a shop manager. Manage the store, build cabinets to display jewelry and sell it to your clients in this free game. Not only is it crucial to have the right strategy, but also taste. Your building is in ruin at first, but you can upgrade it! After upgrading the building you can also customize it the way you like. Golden entrance? Gems decorations? Red carpet? Your choice! You can manage and upgrade your store the way you like it. The more you upgrade, the more clients will come to shop. All fashionable and demanding, can you satisfy them with your jewelry? Find you in this free game!

Upcoming updates:
Store isn’t everything. After you’re done upgrading you can expand! Build more stores, to create a real jewelry empire. Come up with the right strategy, build the right building and craft even more! Upgrade your vault, put historic pieces in museum and compete in fashion contests. Move through the entire town, discover even more levels and craft even better jewelry! Can you become a real jewelry emperor?



Digital Melody


Digital Melody


iOS, Android (June 30th, 2022)

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  • 30 May,2022
    From mines to a luxury empire! Open you own jewellery shop and expand it, to become a luxury tycoon! Go through the entire crafting process – from digging up to creating custom and unique jewellery.
    Digital Melody
Jewel Tycoon - Dig & Build